Wednesday, December 30, 2009


took a day off from going to school today, and all I have to say is,' I'M SO BOORREEDDD!!!'

guess being used to going to school every single day, even though it's holiday time and running around in school all the time. When suddenly one day of nothing-to-do comes, it's boring..starring at the computer screen all day, nothing on TV, no mood to watch movies..just facebooking and poking around the computer for the whole day...argh, i'm bored

why do we even have to go to school tomorrow for the classes thingy??we dont even know what time do we have to be there, wad to wear, and all that..ugh..damn useless....

gonna be studying in 4s2 next year. Mom wants me to go back to 4s1, with the pro students, good teachers, air-cond and all that. But can't seem to bring myself to do it. I requested to be in A class last year, and I'm not looking forward to do it again. At least I can't bring myself to do it.. Gonna miss my friends next year. Been with them together for at least 4 to 6 years already. A whole new class, almost all of them are just the people I say hi and smile to if I walk past them. God please help me....T_T

And a particular someone keeps rubbing it in that he/she's in the best class next year and I'm not..ugh..He/she sure has changed. Or somehow I get the feeling that he/she's been like this all along. Always acting sweet and innocent, that's the kind of person who we can never predict whether that person is for real or just acting on the outside. Grrrrr....

Saturday, December 26, 2009

Long time no see bloggie:)the last time i updated it was...when again?
Can't believe it's already 26th. Almost at the end of year 2009. So many memories...:)
Did a lot this hols. Literally. Bleh. Lazy to type so much. Not like some people who drones on and on and on..shall let the pics do the talking..

Got a chance to help out with registration for new students..quite fun, esp when you're doing it with friends..met many kinds of parents. Like some who ask a lot of questions.. some very 'cow' ones..many varieties of them!

Piles of exercise books!!XD

Then, went to Kuching for a week like TV or internet for a week. To be honest, it feels good. You can finally relax without staring at the computer or TV screen for like 24 hours..

the castle thingy at The Spring
cute cousin..6 years old. no front teeth. loves barbie. shrill voice. loves hugs:)
computer hoggers!!!Never get why naruto games are so fun...=.=

After Kuching was the swim at Ben's condo with mudas(or what we are called now, tuas. But that sounds so old..T_T)
the water was,'BRRRRRRR~~~!!!!'


kissy faces:)
the nyehh and the bleh

Then it was Annual Band Camp. Got the post as a photographer. It was really fun, as usual. taking pictures of people having fun is also fun to if you don't believe me. Although I didn't get to know my group members very well..

my group. GLORIA~~~!!!!
Group leader Y2K and GF:)

can't believe we took about 1000++ pictures all together..but most of them are useless ones. If any of you readers wanna see more of pics of camp, just go to my facebook and look for it.(promoting my profile now..teehee~~:D)

signing off.

Saturday, November 21, 2009


so much to much on my mine. I'm surprised that my brain can hold it all in..but I don't have a big brain..hmm....
Preparations for orientation, youth,band..three main things in my life now. OMg so stressed..The seniors are not giving us a nice time now either. They're not happy cause we can't go for something or whatsoever. WHY?They did it also last year. It's just that their schedule was not that packed last year. Wished they would understand, but it feels like asking a pig to fly..

Some seniors too, I've heard, the gossipy kind, the blonde kind. Can't you keep your mouth shut? We appreciate constructive criticism, but not gossip or something you're not happy about because of your own personal reasons. Do you want us to tell you to leave the next time you come in and do that again?I hate the way some people think. Not pretty enough, so can't do the work. WTH!! It's the potential and the heart to do it that counts!!You're the same age as me, some even older. Can't you see that what you're doing is just plain childish and wrong???UGH, you make me so mad!

So not in the mood now....:(

been watching Beethoven Virus nowadays..It's quite nice,minus all the crying.
Love the female actress. Sure Nat agrees with me too^^

Thursday, November 5, 2009

it's officially Win 87 Day!!!
it's her 15th anniversary..
let's hope she can get an UPGRADE on this day,
or just a large dose of SUGAR
which leads to her recent condition~
it does weird things to people..

God Bless=)

p.s. Chocolate + Candle Wax = Lots of sizzling and bubbling..

p.p.s. Never use chocolate mud cake when you want to surprise someone..if you wait for too long, it will melt and the candle will start to drop. And if you try to make the candle upright again..the insides will come out..and I tell you..the insides look like POOP when it's coming out from the sides..which makes it less appetizing..but to doesn't matter, so long its still cake and chocolate...=.=

Sunday, November 1, 2009

somehow, I've never felt so stupid...
regretted it for a bit...

Monday, October 26, 2009

picture by The Lame Banana
it's true!!Lameness and randomness runs in her blood!!

And also a very Happy Birthday too Elaine Wong!!
God Bless and Love you always!!XD
on this special day, we made her~
aww...sweet partner~~wakakakaka:)

Saturday, October 24, 2009


woke up at 5am even though it is a Saturday morning..why?cause I am very supportive and went to cheer some friends on at a senamrobik contest.But we didn't win...friends didn't seemed too bummed. They were even playing with cubes when the judges announced the results..=.=

omg...zi lian de siao ja bor

hair!!!bling bling!!

competition place

attempting good photography..XD

haha. different poses


some of the teams taking part:

woo~~Chung Hua!!black as ever!!=.=
joyce the wushu girl^^
Win 87 XD

was so bored during speech..non-stop talking..random photos I took:

my shoe~
SJB's bottle

then, we went for a 'stroll' at Tanjung Lobang, or as a certain someone likes to call it, Taman Selera.
Total camwhoring..esp the sjb and banana who were in totally in love with my camera and kidnapped it to take photos.

look at bianca's hair..sonia laughing like what
shadow of tree

weird pic..forced against my free will to take this..

from the back..
to the front...
hogging the camera as usual..
Bianca's face..haha
MUDA, 20=1